It’s hot. Really hot.  We’re not complaining… just saying!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks since we last posted, although nothing especially noteworthy. Mummy had to buy a new computer as her old one couldn’t be saved for a reasonable cost, so work was a bit challenging up until then.  In more fun news, Daddy has taken Liam down to the sea for a swim a couple of mornings, which is awesome.  And he’s been to the play park, the chateau, and the play centre as per usual.

And as usual, we try to do something fun and family oriented at the weekends.  Last weekend we celebrated Bastille Day… the French national holiday celebrating the beginning of the french revolution, and the beginning of what is now french government. We celebrated by heading out to visit Susan and little Tess out in Peymeinade for the afternoon (about a 45 minute drive), as Susan’s husband Email is already out at sea on his ship for the next few months, and she and Tess were on their own!  Well, Tess and Liam are great little buddies, so we were happy to come out and spend the afternoon with them for a play, swim and lovely dinner!  Susan had invited another family she knows who have 2 boys (Sasha who is three-and-a-half and Sebastian who is 21 months). Well… Liam is STILL talking about Sasha. He really likes to hang out with the older kids! At one point in the afternoon Sasha had all of the kids dancing to the Police (Message in a Bottle)  playing on the stereo. What a sight!!  And what great taste in music they all have!

After the kids were all truly tuckered, we headed back home as we’d invited Sarah and Jean Luc over to our place for cocktails and fireworks.  We get a fantastic view of the fireworks displays from our terrace, and we let Liam stay up extra late to watch them. We had a lovely time, and Sarah and JL didn’t leave until 2 am!  Time really ran away with us!

Needless to say the next day we were shattered, and decided to have a ‘home’ day, where Liam happily played with his cars, trains, pool, and the garden hose.  He didn’t suffer a bit for not going out!!

This past week has a been a bit out of character… Liam’s sleep habits haven’t been the best, nor his eating habits.  We think he’s having some pains from molars, and we hope it will pass soon, as we’ve been a bit sleep deprived as a result.

But it has been another great weekend. The weather forecast was a bit dodgy, but I’m happy to say it’s been quite great!  Yeseterday we took Liam for a bit of a jaunt to the sea to watch the parachutes.  He can’t wait to be big enough to go on them himself!  ‘Liam, Mumma, Daddy?’ he says.  That’s what he always says when he wants us to do something all together.  ‘Liam, Mumma, Daddy go beach?’ But that afternoon it was only ‘Liam and Mumma’, as we headed back out to see Tess and Susan for a late lunch before they fly out to Vancouver to join Emeil on the ship for the next 5 weeks or so.  Susan had invited Noelle, a mutual friend who had introduced us when both Tess and Liam were just infants. Who knew such a great friendship would evolve?

We’ve had a lazy Sunday morning. Liam was up for more trains and garden hose playing, and is down for an afternoon nap now.  When he’s up we thought we’d take him down to the beach for an early evening apero and toss some rocks.  A nice way to start to celebrate daddy’s birthday tomorrow… although some rather ominous looking big grey clouds are rolling in and we can hear thunder in the distance, so perhaps we will have to make do with Mojitos and wine at home instead!  (Liam loves the mojito… we let him help make his own little virgin mojito, with mint, lime and sugar all crushed together, with some fizzy water.  Fresh!!)

A few other little notes on Liam, more to help us remember certain things as we look back:  he’s gone train crazy this week, and has barely even looked at his cars!!  The lovely part is that he pretends that it’s the steam train that we took on our holiday, and he points out the blue car that we sat in, and he makes the train go between Anduze and St Jean, and he puts a bambouseraie on the way. It’s lovely… although I did point out to him today that Lightning McQueen must be getting awfully lonely since he’s not being played with… so Liam put Lightning McQueen on the train. He’s now stuck in the tunnel 🙂

Also, Liam will still only take showers!! He’s just so ready to be a big boy!!!  I keep hoping that the showers thing will just be a phase because bath time is always so lovely and fun… but no.  Maybe when the weather turns cold again he’ll want a nice, long hot bath again.

Liam is such a pro on his scooter now, not only steering, but he’s been getting really good using the brake too. Not that we’d let him out of arms reach anytime soon… and its’ getting tougher for mummy and daddy too, because Liam is getting pretty quick on it, so we have to run after him until he gets tired enough to just let us pull him around! Daddy says he’s started trying to do little tricks on it too, like squatting down while riding it!  Liam… please don’t freak your mom out!!

And his vocabulary… well. Incredible. I know we’re biased, but he really does have exceptional speech for a 2 and a half year old, and his french vocabulary is growing daily, and he’s really interested in learning the french words for everything (which sends us scrambling for the translation dictionary from time to time!!)  We really are so proud of him!

Anyway, we’re already making plans for next weekend, and it seems as though August is booking up super quick!!!  Summer will be over before we know it.