So our week started off in pretty grand style:  celebrating Daddy’s 41st birthday. Daddy wanted to spend a quiet evening with his wife and son, so that’s what he got.  Well, that an a juicy BBQ steak and decadent chocolate birthday cake!! We got some great video of Liam singing Happy Birthday and blowing out daddy’s candle (over and over), which we’ll try to post at some point.

Special thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Woolley who sent daddy a couple of new golf shirts for his birthday, and his good friend Bridget who dropped by to drop off another pressie:  a creme brûlée set!!  Can’t wait for daddy to give that a try!  And Liam thought the torch was awesome and was carrying it around asking for ‘more fire?’

The rest of the week was the same old regular fun stuff:  daddy and Liam taking their morning jaunts to the chateau, the beach, the play park, the play centre.  Except that Mr Postman had a special delivery for Liam this week!!  Another gift box arrived from Grandma and Grandpa Woolley full of diggers and trucks, and a great playmat printed with roads and quarries.  Liam makes a beeline for it every morning now! We’ve put a pile of dried beans down in the quarry so that he can ‘dig’ them up and put them in the dump truck before starting all over again!  Hours and hours (and hours) of fun! He hardly watches any TV anymore, because he’s just growing into that ‘imagination’ stage where he is happy to play with his toys for hours on end. That makes us all happy.

And this weekend was fantastic fun, as usual!!  Admittedly, Saturday was a bit of a ‘relax at home ‘ day, but Liam was super tired because he stayed up pretty late to watch a lot of the Olympics Opening Ceremony with Mumma (yay Canada!! yay New Zealand!!).  So because he was so shattered, and so happy to just be with mummy (who was out working a lot the week before), we just had a ‘chill out and play with toys’ day.  We all needed it… and besides, our plans for the Sunday were gearing up to be pretty awesome, so best to conserve some energy!

On Sunday we took Liam down to the sandy beach in Beaulieu-sur-Mer for a couple of hours. He was getting so brave running in and out of the water without his armbands on!!  And then after his nap we’d invited Lynsey, Eric and Liam’s little buddy Joshua, along with our good friends Sarah and JeanLuc, over for an early BBQ.

What a success the BBQ was!  Aside from Adam’s masterful stuffed chicken and grilled Ratatouille (one of my favourite things ever!), the company was great, and Joshua and Liam had the best playdate ever!!!  Trains, trucks, diggers, sofa jumping, paddle pool splashing… and not a fight between them over any of the toys. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Liam so tired when everyone finally left at 10:30.  I was sure he was in for a long, deep sleep… but no. At 2:30 in the morning he got up, took all of his cuddly toys to the sofa, and shouted ‘Mumma, I want a bottle!’  We managed to finally convince him to go back to sleep, but had to tempt him with the chance to sleep in mummy and daddy’s bed… which meant that Adam had to take the sofa shift. Whatever it takes to get a good night’s sleep, eh??

Can’t wait until next weekend. I love our ‘family days’!!