So, we’re having a heatwave!

You’ve probably already read about Liam finally hitting the terrible two’s from our post earlier this week…. it’s not constant, but it is becoming too frequent for our liking!! Oh well, we’ll be fine!  And he’s been fantastic the last couple of days, despite the overwhelming heat we’re having this week, so we really can’t complain.

Liam was happy when the weekend was here again!  He knows that Saturdays and Sundays (the orange tabs on his calendar) are Mumma-Daddy-Liam days, and those are his favourite!!

On Saturday we met up at Plage Petite Afrique in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, with Shelley and James & the kids… we usually go to the main beach in Beaulieu, but this one was an unexpected surprise!  Lots of space, wide beach, not crowded, and a playpark in the shade if the kids get bored (but who could get bored at the beach!!?)

Taylor and Emmerson asked their mum and dad to go with them out to the floating platform about 50 meters off shore, and not to be left out, Liam wanted to go to. So we put him in his armbands, sitting atop his floating lilo, and off he and daddy went while mummy stayed behind and guarded the bags. Looked like a lot of fun out there!  And Liam seemed (from afar) to be pretty comfortable and curious playing on the platform.  Brave boy to go way out to sea!!

And, another amazing first for Liam… he managed to let us know he needed the toilet, held it until we made it to the public restroom, and went in a toilet THAT IS NOT IN OUR HOUSE.  You’re probably thinking this is no big deal… but it opens up a WHOLE NEW WORLD for us and our underpants wearing little dude!! He can have as many jellybeans as he wants!

After some swimming, splashing, floating and playing, Liam announced that he wanted lunch (which is bizarre because he never really eats a proper lunch, just snacks before and after his monster nap)… and so we sent the daddies to the restaurants to pick up some pizzas or something. I’m pleased to say that they came back with some lovely bruschettas, and Liam, with his odd-duck eating habits, happily nom-nommed down a bruschetta with smoked salmon and caviar (!!!  We can’t even get him to eat a piece of fruit, but he has no problems with caviar?)  And then after lunch we all wandered over to an awesome gelateria for some ice cream before heading off.

No nap for Liam on Saturday, so considering that he was very tired, and had a big day out in the heat-wave, he should have been a disaster. But he wasn’t. He was great. Tired. So tired. But great.

Today we met up with Lynsey and Eric and little Joshua at a park not too far from our place (Parc des Deux Rois — Park of the Two Kings).  We’ve been there a few times with Liam, as it’s got lovely open grassy spaces, lots of trees, a good playpark, and goats — but they’ve also got a little water-park where the kids (and parents) can run around in the mist and water sprays. So it seemed a good thing to do on an overly hot Sunday morning.

Liam was VERY apprehensive of the water fountains, and really didn’t want to go in, despite Josh’s pleading.  But after only two passes through the lovely cool mist, he was loving it, and running about like a banshee for the next half hour.

A couple of bumps and skinned knees later, we took a break from the water fun for a picnic lunch.  We’d brought along some freshly roasted chicken from the rotisserie, and some fresh baguette… and had a lovely feast under the trees.

AND… big news… Liam peed against a tree in the park!! So yes. I’m calling it. He is potty trained.  Oh, sure, we’ll have accidents, and we’ve still got to get him to do more than ‘number 1’ in the toilet, but I’m far more comfortable taking him out for the day in his underpants now!!  Well done little dude. I’m so proud of you, and you know it.

Really looking forward to our posts next weekend, because we are eagerly awaiting Uncle Keith’s arrival. He’ll only be here for 2 days, but we’re going to make it a fantastic two days. And Liam is already talking a steady stream about when Uncle Keith gets here (and that he’ll have presents from Grandma and Grandpa).