Not two days after the high of “Uncle Keef’s” whirlwind visit, we all had the rug pulled out from under us when we received the call from Canada that Grandpa Woolley was scheduled to have triple bypass surgery by the end of the week.  You dread these calls when you live so far away, and this was, by far, the worst scenario we’ve had to deal with. And it all happened so quickly.

Forgive us for being so quiet about it, but despite the brave face that Grandpa was putting forward, the anxiety was hard to deal with, and it was an emotional week. Should we hop a plane?  Should we wait to visit when his health is better?  What if something goes wrong…?  The potential scenarios were overwhelming and there was no right answer. Thankfully, Liam, and all of his antics, provided a much needed distraction to get us through the days.  And hopefully the daily Skype calls helped to distract Grandma and Grandpa too.

We’re relieved to say that we’ve received word about an hour ago that the surgery is complete (quadruple bypass!!!), and successful, and that he is in ICU under observation.  Uncle Keith and Grandma have been there the whole time, and they were able to see him very briefly. The nurses said he woke briefly, and then was sedated again. They’re hoping to see him again this evening, and also hopeful that he’ll be breathing on his own again.  As much as I wish I could be there in person to help him through this, I am relieved to not see him hooked up to machines with tubes and wires. It’s hard to think of him as vulnerable. I’m not sure I could pull off such a brave front.

It was a long day for everyone. I took Liam out for a bit of a shopping spree to take my mind off of what Grandpa was going through. But eventually I had to just sit and wait, just like Keith and Grandma.

I know we’re not out of the woods yet, and the next week is crucial to make sure everything works as it should, and there are no infections. I’m sure I’ll feel better once they can move him out of ICU and into his own room. Until then, I’ll just stay anxious.

In no particular order:  Thank you to the team of doctors who hopefully extended the life of my dad, because there is still so much we want to share with him. Thank you to Uncle Keith for being there all day, and keeping me posted on any updates. Thank you to Grandma for devoting yourself to his recovery over the next six weeks.  Thank you to Adam, for bearing the brunt of my anxiety and for supporting me. Thank you to Liam for the countless extra hugs and cuddles you gave me this week… you knew something wasn’t right, and you had just the cure.  I’m sorry if I upset you this week.

And Dad… thank you for coming back. We love you.

We will call as soon as the doctors say it’s okay, and we wish you a speedy and stress-free recovery.