Firstly, we are very happy to say that Grandpa Woolley was released from this hospital this past Wednesday, and is relatively comfortably recovering at home. We’ve had a couple of video skype’s with him, and despite the fatigue and soreness he’s feeling, he looks remarkably well for someone who’s just gone through such an invasive procedure. If nothing else, I’m sure the food is better, and having their dog, Lady Sarah, underfoot is probably quite soothing.  So, welcome home Grandpa.  Get well soon.

Liam has been such a champ through all the anxiety. He’s too young to understand the severity of the situation, although he did know that Grandpa Woolley was in the hospital and the doctors were going to make him all better. He wasn’t too young to pick up on the anxiety around the house, and it made him extra clingy all week.

So, to make it up to the little dude, we took him to Fun City last Sunday, for a lot of indoor fun, fun, fun!!  It’s amazing how much he’s grown since we were last there in the spring.  He can make it all the way up to the big, big slide all on his own (although shadowed by us, just in case he runs into trouble), and bravely goes down the two-story high bumpy slide all on his own! No holding hands!!!  Although he did take a bit of a bump when another little boy was playing ‘close the gate’ and he had a shiner for the past week!  The first of many, I’m sure.  He even gave the trampoline a bit of a whirl this time around, and kept scoring on himself during a rather one-sided game of air hockey.  He had a great day. And we were exhausted!!  He moves a lot faster now than he did 4 months ago!!

We’ve kept this weekend pretty tranquil too, although we’re fully booked up next weekend, so we’ll get back to the swing of things.  We took Liam up for a forest walk in a park up behind Nice that we hadn’t been to yet. It’s right by the observatory (which we’d like to see, but it doesn’t open to the public until later in the afternoons). It was a nice meander, and good to have the shade of the trees this weekend. Today we took him the other direction, so the big play park by the forest in St Laurent du Var. Both days were late starts, and the afternoons have been rather out of sorts, but that’s okay.  Sometimes you just need a weekend to just ‘wing it’.

In other good news, Liam’s french vocabulary is still growing and getting stronger, thanks to his love of the game ‘I spy’, where all of the items we spy are in french. I’m getting rather tired of playing it constantly, but I recognise the educational value of it.  Plus, it’s better than singing ‘the Wheels on the Bus’ over and over. And over.  Seriously, it’s driving us mad.

His potty training is still going great, and we’ve dropped the jelly bean rewards… AND we’ve gotten him to try 2 different fruits this weekend, and he’s even started to swipe pieces of mumma’s coconut!  Both times he was blackmailed into eating the fruit (i.e. no dessert unless you eat these raspberries)… but it worked!!  If we keep this up he’ll hopefully start for realise that the fruit really is good, and he’ll just want to eat it because it’s yummy.

And we managed to squeeze in a haircut, although Liam’s been fighting it tooth and nail.  Don’t know why he’s been so afraid to do it this time around, but thanks to some patience,  promises of a lollipop and a new toy, and the distracting qualities of an iPhone game… we did it. Probably not the best haircut you could get, but it’s better than the mophead he was sporting before!!

So, all in all…. a good week. Great news about Grandpa, and good funsies with Liam. We’ve still got a good 4-6 weeks left of summer-like weather, so our adventures will continue!  We’re not ready for fall yet!!