It’s been a whacky weekend, and nothing was going according to plan, but it’s been pretty great nonetheless!  Last week was a killer for mum at work… long days and late evenings, as the Monaco Boat Show was on, and it’s always mayhem.  But we were all looking forward to weekend, especially Liam who every morning asked Mumma not to go into Monaco. *sigh* Poor monkey really needed a mumma-daddy-liam day!

So where did we go on Saturday… Monaco!  🙂    Mumma’s old friend Sharon was in town from Australia, and due to fly back on Monday, so we booked in the only possibility to see each other on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, Sharon has a pretty disastrous morning herself, and through no fault of her own, ended up being almost 4 hours late. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, I know, but since we were in Monaco already, and had the time, we called up another of Mumma’s old friends, Rafaella, to see if they were free.  Rafaella was out of town, but her two girls were overjoyed to hear from us, and so we had a fantastic reunion in the garden, and Liam had an amazing time with Giulia and Laura (and Laura’s friend Emily).

Eventually Sharon made her way to the beach with her daughter, Katherine (who mumma used to nanny for), and it was a fantastic catch up despite the drama of the day, and great news… Sharon will be moving back from Australia (again) next year!

Liam was absolutely cheeky and charming, well behaved, and basking in the attention of all the ladies!  We’d thought that since he skipped his nap and had back-to-back playmates that he’d be a screaming mess by evening, but he was, in fact, fantastic. Not a tantrum in sight.

Today we had plans to meet Susan and Tess in Mougins, for a play in EcoParc… unfortunately, once we arrived, we found it had been closed for two weeks, and isn’t reopening until tomorrow. Once again… our plans were derailed!

But we made the best of it, and went to a play park in the forest close by instead. Liam wasn’t in the best of form, and was exceptionally tired and clingy, so after a while we went to find a restaurant and have a nice lunch together instead.  Great to see them, they’ve been gone too long, and before long will be living back in Canada!

So we’re looking forward to a reasonably normal week again, where mummy can work from home a couple of days, and be home for dinnertime every night. Great plans are in the works for next weekend already!

In other very exciting news, special thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Woolley, who are flying us out to Canada for Christmas this year.  It should be an amazing time for both them, and for Liam, and we’re looking forward to seeing Grandpa back in full health, and enjoying a cold, traditional Christmas holiday with the whole family.  The next three months is just going to fly by!