Sorry, but will keep this post short and sweet. Pretty much nothing new over here!! Except for the fact that we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary by cocktails down at the beach where we had our reception, and then pizza and champagne back home. Liam was very pleased to have our ‘happy anniversary’ all together, and to have his very own cocktail.

Otherwise, last weekend Liam was sick with a fever and cold, followed by a whopping bout of extreme constipation that pretty much paralysed us for the entire weekend, and reduced him to tears for about 24 hours. So last weekend plans were cancelled.

And this weekend, mum’s come down with his cold, so again… another fairly wasted weekend. Which is too bad, because Liam was really looking forward to some great “mumma-daddy-Liam” days.

Hopefully we’ll all be in fine form next week, because we’ve already got some playdates lined up, and we want to take advantage of this great fall weather.