Well, we’ve all been sick over the last few weeks. First Liam, then mumma came down with a bad case of flu/gastro, and then Liam and daddy developed more sniffles after that. So Liam has become accustomed to watching WAY to many videos and TV while we all coped with illnesses, and we’ll have to break him of that habit right away!

But we’re all good now. Cross fingers. Daddy still managed to get Liam out for his usual morning jaunts, so he hasn’t suffered so much.

Last weekend we met our friends, Sarah and JL, Lynsey, Eric and little Joshua at the beach in St Laurent du Var for a bit of a play, and then lunch in a beach restaurant with a kids play area in the sand. The day started fantastic — clear skies, calm seas, warm sun — a wonderful and warm October day. The kids started off happy to draw in the sand and throw rocks into the sea, but it didn’t take long before socks and shoes were off, trousers were rolled up, and not surprisingly… two little boys got wetter and wetter. Thankfully we had a change of clothes in the bag for Liam, just in case. Joshua wasn’t quite so lucky, and had to sit through lunch in wet trousers! Oh well!

By the time we started to head back to the car, the wind had picked up tremendously, so much so that all of the windsurfers and kite surfers had flocked to the beach. There were easily 50 kite surfers out, flipping and jumping and racing across the bay. The kids thought it was awesome, but the skies were turning ominous, so we hurried the kids up and made him home before the storm hit. Great storm!!! We’ve had a lot lately, and they’re spectacular to watch (safe and dry from in the flat).

Today we had friends of our around for a BBQ playdate… James and Shellee, with Taylor and Emmerson. We’ve been trying to get together with them for a while, but had to cancel last time because Liam was getting sick. The weather was fantastic again today. Warm and sunny… perfect for a BBQ!

The kids all played together fantastically, which was a relief because Liam has entered a real ‘I don’t want to share’ phase, and all he could talk about was all the things he would NOT share with Taylor and Emmerson. But he was awesome from the moment they arrived, and happily shared all of his things. Taylor and Emmerson are fantastic kids… very well behaved, clever, and funny. There were hardly any conflicts the entire afternoon, even when the kids started to get tired at the end of the day. And considering that Liam has skipped his nap today, we couldn’t be happier. So proud of our little monkey! He deserved all the deserts he ate today!

So a great time was had by all — kids and grown ups, and as usual Adam impressed everyone with his gourmet BBQ feast. I’d marry him all over again just for his BBQ ratatouille!

Oh, these weekends just pass by far too quickly!