Sorry we’ve been AWOL…. our internet has been down for 4 days. Quelle disaster.

Not only are mummy and daddy totally addicted to the internet, and rely on it for work. but even Liam felt it’s absence when he could no longer watch his youtube videos about diggers and dump trucks before nap time and bedtime. Cross fingers all will be back to normal today?? Fortunately I’ve come into Monaco for the day and can use the internet here! Daddy is not so lucky!

Liam’s been for a bit of a medical check up yesterday, and other than seeming a bit pale, he did tremendously well and even took a vaccine without tears. I was a bit anxious about that one, and rewarded him with a new front end loader anyway….. Doc Linderoth congratulated us on having such a confident and clever boy, and said he was very advanced for his age as far as interaction with him in the doctors office goes. Of course he was well behaved… he had mummy’s iPhone in his hand to play racing cars! Silly doctor.

Anyway, will update more some other time. Must get back to work!! Happy Halloween!