Right. I’ll make it snappy. Mostly because I’m pounding out this update at work, because Liam doesn’t really let me do stuff on the computer much anymore without trying to ‘help’.

So we’re back online. Yay!

It seems to have been a couple of uneventful weekends, mostly because the weather has been fairly dismal lately (of course it’s gorgeous and sunny today, go figure). Bad weather likes to come on Mumma, Daddy & Liam days.

So we’ve had a couple of rainy day playmates. We trucked out to Peimeynade to see Tess, Susan and Emeil last weekend for a nice, hearty chill dinner and a bit of an indoor play for the kids. We had Alexandros and his parents, Maria and Spiros, around for a playmate this past Sunday morning before daddy had to dash off to a clients. Mummy has know Maria and Spiros for quite a while, but we’ve just never all found the time to get together, and it was great… Alexandros is only 18 months old, so Liam got to try his hand at being the ‘big kid’ He was very good at it. And shared most of his toys (although he did confess later that day that he didn’t share the fire truck). Good enough for us, buddy.

Halloween was ‘okay’. Nothing like Canadian standards, but we did carve a couple of Jack O Lanterns, and despite the poor weather we headed out to a friends place for a Halloween party. Liam wore his superhero cape for all of about 2 minutes (crying the whole time) but once he found the toy room, he was a happy camper again. He enjoyed his first Halloween, and really enjoyed munching on the roasted pumpkin seeds. Hooray, another Canadian tradition for the dude!!

Anyway, it’s a MAD week for work. Mum’s got a new client starting this week, and a client who is down from London, so is stretched pretty thin. Plus daddy has stuff to do too!! This next weekend can’t come quickly enough for us!!

Enjoy the pics.