Can’t believe we’re only a month away from heading to Canada. Time is racing, and it will be Christmas before we know it!

New work has come our way, and it’s still early days, but it promises to be really interesting. Mum has the possibility of being involved in a restoration of her ‘dream villa’… a dilapidated historic monument that she’s swooned over for years and years, which is owned by new clients. We’ve been assured the project will be more of a nightmare than a joy, but hey, that’s okay! Cross fingers on this one!

Work is, as you know… busy as all get out. And will be for about another week. Liam is probably not happy about mum being away all day long, for long days, but he’s doing fine. Plus he’s had a couple of good days out in Monaco over the past couple of weeks while mummy and daddy had things to take care of. And if you don’t know already, Monaco is chock full of racing cars. No matter where you go you’ll see lots of Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, Aston Martins, etc pass you by. Which is Liam’s next best favourite thing, next to a construction site full of diggers and cranes. So it hasn’t been ALL bad, and he got to sit in mum’s boss’s Mercedes SLS, which mum is lucky enough to get to drive every couple of weeks (to keep the battery charged!)

As usual, we really make an effort to make weekends great for Liam, and as a result we don’t get a whole lot of down time… except for when it’s pouring rain!

We took Liam out to Fun City (Cannes) last weekend, and were joined by a few other families we knew for a few hours of fun on a grey day. And then today was lovely, and we took Liam to Parc Phoenix out by the airport to look at the animals, play with the kids, and run around the parc and playground. Liam was especially taken with the owls, mum was keen on the otters!

Mum has started up a new ‘Riviera Mum’s Facebook group, which has very quickly expanded our social network for Expat families with young kids over here. Loads of new friends to be made for us and for Liam! The group has grown to over 100 families in just a week. So we were joined at the parc today by about 10 other families (all of them looking to get to know other families with young kids). Most of them we hadn’t met yet, so we’ve forgotten most of the names and stuff, but it’s a very social group and I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of them soon, once the holiday madness is over.

So we’re all knackered tonight. And will probably take it easy tomorrow.