We’re in preparation mode for our trip to Canada… the Christmas presents are all out on the table to make sure nothing is forgotten (not sure how on earth we’ll fit them into our suitcases!!). Laundry is drying and ready to be ironed and packed. And Liam has been counting down the days until we head to the airport.

One more work day, and then we’re off!!

We had our annual Ferguson Holiday Apero last week, and this time it was a real family affair, as all of our friends this year have kids. So the Ferguson household was overrun by kids, and it was loud, great and fun… Liam was dreading sharing his toys, until the moment the doorbell rang and he shouted, ‘My friends are here!!’. He had a great afternoon, and even though he was overtired and a disaster at bedtime, it was well worth it. There was plenty of food, wine, and Adam made the best mulled wine ever!! Amazingly, we all managed to finish off 6 litres of mulled wine!!!

The weather this weekend has been spectacular… it’s sunny and warm, and Liam has had a great day just wandering around, looking at things, and playing at the beach. Soak it up now, buddy — it’s COLD in Canada!!!

We’re off to Rosa’s house shortly for a glass of wine and some cake to celebrate her birthday, and then back home to get ready for a VERY LONG day tomorrow as we tie up all of our loose ends.

Next update will be from across the pond in Canada, eh!