Sorry the updates are taking so long, but as you can imagine, the trip to Canada was busy, and we ended up going to bed the same time as Liam every night. We didn’t adjust to the jet-lag so well this time around, and were up at 4 or 5 am every day, trying to be quiet so Liam (and grandma and grandpa) could sleep as long as possible.

As we wrote in the last post, Christmas Day was a bit quieter, as Liam’s Uncle Keith didn’t have his kids that day, so we opened some gifts, and saved the rest for the following day when we were all together again.

Liam discovered that Santa had eaten the cookies we left out, drank the milk (and Rudolph had nibbled on the carrot) and then found his stocking filled to the brim with toys and candies. He just couldn’t believe that there was even MORE inside!!

Liam was allowed to open his new Hot Wheels race track from Grandma and Grandpa, plus the digger and dumptruck from mumma and daddy, to give him some great new stuff to play with throughout the day.

He also opened his new books and possum-fur hat from Granny Sue and Grandpa Dick, sent all the way from New Zealand, and the Leapfrog computer from Uncle Dan, Aunt Elaine, Scarlett and Isobel from England. By the end of it all, he was a pro at opening gifts.

We’d had a light dusting of snow overnight, so Christmas morning was a bit white-ish, although it melted off pretty quickly (not to worry… the big storm was coming!!)

For Christmas Eve Grandma and Grandpa took us out to a great Brazilian restaurant in Niagara Falls, where they circulate amongst the tables with deliciously grilled meets, carved at your request. Can’t tell you how many meats we sampled… and the grilled pineapple was amazing!!! Even Liam managed to put away a whole lot of meat!! We took a bit of a wander while we waited for our reservation, and took Liam to see the famous Niagara Falls… which he’ll forget of course, but he was impressed with the light show on the falls nonetheless. Not impressed by the cold though!

It was a great Christmas Day, even if it was low key.