I hope you’ve all had a good start to 2013.

We’re getting back to normal now, as we wind up the first week of the new year. Unfortunately whatever made Liam vomit on our flight back from Canada seemed to plague me (mum) the next day, so our new year plans (which were non-existent anyway) were even less so. No champagne for us! No grand New Years Eve dinner. Just some relaxing and unpacking, and settling back into home.

The weather here is great (although in comparison to the snow and cold of Canada, hardly a surprise!). Liam has had plenty of time outdoors again, and is getting back to his normal routine. And this past weekend was a nice excuse to get out and about and explore some more of our beautiful countryside, as the temperatures were around 16 degrees or so in the afternoons.

Saturday we went for a wander in St Paul de Vence. Lovely little arts village about a half hour from Nice. Narrow cobblestone streets lined with art galleries and picturesque boutiques. The last time we took Liam it was raining, but this time it was lovely. We found an interesting little cafe, down at the bottom of some steep stairs, and the dining area was in a little cave. Liam polished off most of his crepe with ham and cheese… he’s built up quite an appetite lately, I think he’s on to another growth spurt (he’s already grown about a cm and a half in the last 2 months!!!) After lunch we watched the locales playing petanque, and explained the basics of the game to Liam. Maybe we can get him started this summer?

Sunday we took a loooong walk around the peninsula off St Jean Cap Ferrat (where the richer-than-rich own their homes, secluded behind shrubberies that are at least a story high for privacy). The walk was slow, and Liam held hands most of the way as the cobblestones were bumpy and he didn’t feel surefooted, but near the end of the walk he picked up energy and pranced along with glee! (the picnic lunch helped I think!)

It was a great weekend, and a great way to start 2013 — enjoying our little corner of the world. The next month will fly by as we near Liam’s third birthday… he’s really looking forward to it! Invitations went out today for his birthday party!!