Oh Dear. He’s really growing so quickly!!

Last night was Liam’s first time sleeping through the night in his big-boy underpants. He’s well recovered from jet lag, back on his regular schedule, as we thought he was ready… and he was!! Dry underpants this morning, and a very proud little boy (and mummy and daddy!)

If we could just get him to agree to do ‘number 2’ in the toilet, we’d be done with pampers FOREVER!!! (we’re withholding his Christmas candy until that happens — I hope there’s still some left by the time he decides he’s ready for that too!!)

And if that wasn’t ‘big boy’ enough, I just managed to squeeze Liam into the last available spot in ‘Le Kids Club’ which is kind of like a private pre-school. He’s only going to go for one morning a week, but it will be a good way for him to get comfortable in a classroom situation, with french speaking teachers and kids — regular school starts in September, and he already doesn’t want to go!! Le Kids Club is all fun activities: art, music, dance, gym — so hopefully he’ll embrace it and learn to love Thursday mornings pretty quickly!

I’m really excited, and dreading it at the same time!! I’m pretty sure I’ll have a wee boy clinging to my leg when I try to leave.

Can’t believe he’ll be three in just a month. Where did the time go????