It’s grey and wet. Blech. Although, Liam did like taking a stroll down to the supermarket today in his rain wellies with his astronaut umbrella (and little does he know that his astronaut rain jacket is on it’s way for his birthday!). He had a fun time jumping in puddles and twirling his umbrellas, so it’s all good!

But poor fella has been unwell most of the week, so we were hoping for a bit of good weather so we could get him out for a good romp outdoors. But it’s not to be… tomorrow’s calling for rain too.

Liam started to get unwell last Sunday, which unfortunately (and unknowingly) was the day of Kristy and Alessandro’s new baby boy’s christening. Liam was quite sucky from the beginning, which was out of character for him, but by the time we got home in the evening it became clear that he was coming down with a cold. Still, he was a trouper during the church service and the lunch afterwards, even though his silence was bought with a lollipop and iphone games!! He was still very happy to meet baby Leonardo… who knows, perhaps they could grow up to be friends?

AND, one of the pieces of gossip we’ve been sitting on, our good friend Sarah (Liam’s unofficial Auntie Sarah) is finally pregnant. She and her husband Jean-Luc have been trying for years, and it’s been a complicated and frustrating journey, but they’ve now passed the first trimester and we’re finally allow to tell people!! We’re hoping they have a little boy because we have so much great stuff we could hand down to them… although I’m sure we’re jinxing it to be a girl!! We’ll find out in just a few more weeks!! Either way, Liam will love having yet another new buddy!!

Liam’s been sucky most of the week since the christening… not wanting to go out, and being very clingy. Under the weather, happens to all of us. But things are going to kick up pretty soon with birthdays and parties and carnival, and then spring will be right around the corner!! So he may as well take it low and slow right now.

Liam had his second day at Kids Club this week. Not nearly as awful as the first, but still pretty bad. The teachers said he was crying on and off most of the day, and complaining of being so tired (which he was, from being sick). He didn’t really participate, and kept very much to himself, cuddling his bunnies, but at least he wasn’t unconsolable. And the same as last time… he liked painting and snacktime most of all! 🙂

He had another good runabout in the garden with his new little buddy Matthieu after class, and he’s looking forward to seeing him again next week, so hopefully he’ll adjust a little bit more to his class. We’ll keep trying, until hopefully he embraces the fun he could be having with all the other kids.

We’re seeing Liam’s friend Joshua tomorrow… Lynsey and Eric & Joshua are coming over to ours for lunch since it’s going to be another grey, wet day. And Liam has so many new toys from Christmas, that there will be PLENTY for them to play with!!!