After weeks (months) of all nature of bribes and penalties, we’ve finally broken the ‘poo’ barrier. Hoorah!!

Liam has not had any chocolate or bonbons since Christmas, nor iPad before bed, because we’ve been withholding these ‘rewards’ until such time as he decides he was ready to do number 2 in the toilet! The chocolate chicken sitting on the top shelf of the fridge taunted him — but no chocolate chicken until poo in the toilet!!

But he wasn’t having any of it!! Nope… didn’t miss the chocolate and bonbons at all, not even when we made over-gratuitous lip-smacking sounds as we enjoyed our own chocolates! Dammit.

BUT, tonight, on his own little accord, Liam decided to do his business on the toilet.

I’m not sure who is more proud… him, or us.

But I can tell you that someone is enjoying a very well-deserved chocolate chicken tonight 🙂