So Liam is three. A real big boy now, and he had a pretty good day!

There’s only so much you can do mid-week, and considering that he had to go to Kids Club (which, for the record, he still hates), we did our best to make it a pretty awesome day nonetheless. And crossed fingers that the promise of ice cream cake and lots of presents after school would help his morning pass by a little easier.

We allowed Liam to open one present before pre-school, and he got to choose it… and he selected a lovely french/english book from his Auntie Nicole in London. Glad he didn’t choose a toy, because then we’d have to deny him playing with it!!!

After pick-up at 12 noon, Liam and I walked over to the toy store, where he was allowed to choose one new car, and then we made or way home for lunch and presents.

When we walked in the front door, Liam was excited to find a BIKE. A real, big boy bike!! And it had a balloon on it!!! (he was even more excited about the balloon for a moment LOL). Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Woolley for Liam’s bike. It’s still a bit big, but he’ll grow into it in no time, and he’s already started to figure out the mechanics of peddling. Looks like mumma’s going to have to get inline skates soon to keep up with Liam down at the seaside!

Liam enjoyed opening his other presents back at the house:
– thanks Auntie Sarah (Nice) for the Pirate Puzzle
– thanks Grandma and Grandpa Woolley for the clothes (that he barely looked at!)
– and thanks mumma and daddy for the Mega Lego set, books, Cars 2 computer game, and the astronaut rain jacket. I can’t tell you how many times Mumma had to read all the Curious George books yesterday!!! And daddy was deep in Lego-concentration building things for Liam.

Addition: the postman just came and brought a new Pirate computer game from Uncle Keith, Joanne, and Hannah and Gabrielle! Thanks guys — we’re allowing him computer before breakfast… but ONLY for today! 🙂

And thanks Pop Jeffrey from NZ, who sent Liam some money for his birthday. We went back to the local toy shop so he could choose his own gift with his birthday money. He chose an awesome forklift and a motorcycle. He’s still sitting in his bed playing with the forklift, even though he’s been awake for 30 minutes.

I know that most of the presents from family are still en route to us. It’s quite a long, drawn out birthday week for Liam anyway, and he’s not at all disappointed — he’ll be thrilled when they arrive! He just loves when the postman rings the bell! Between our pre-birthday weekend in Genoa, then his actual birthday, and his birthday party this coming Sunday, it’s like one big loooooooong birthday!

So between presents, ice cream cake, endless attention from mummy and daddy, and we even let him skip his nap… he soon forgot about Kids Club, and just enjoyed being 3.

Of course, he’s already talking about his NEXT birthday. Slow down, little buddy.