Okay, I think we’re finally done with Liam’s birthday celebrations this year (with the exception of any gifts that are still to arrive by the post!)

We had a late morning today, and then headed down to the beach in St Laurent du Var, so Liam could give his big boy bike a try on some wide open spaces. He did okay! A bit frustrated that he can’t really pedal yet, but he gave it a good go. We got some video… will post when we’ve got time to convert the file.

We had a nice pasta/pizza lunch at the seaside, and then headed over to Fun City for Liam’s party.

Had a bit of bad news though, our friends Bob and Katherine called just as we were ready to head over to Fun City to let us know that Liam’s buddy Guiliana was sick, and couldn’t come. I was devastated, as two other friends cancelled at the last minute late the night before, which basically meant that half of Liam’s friends weren’t coming (and they didn’t even have good reasons, other than they didn’t want their kids to get sick — ooooh! germs!)

And it was too late to cancel the numbers for the party, so we were paid in full for all guests.

Luckily Liam is far too young to be as disappointed in our friends as I was, and he was still excited to go to Fun City and see whoever did come.

Happily Joshua, Taylor, Perla and Cyane all made it, and Guiliana’s dad even made a small appearance to bring Liam his present, which was a really lovely gesture.

Liam had good fun, and is now properly exhausted and playing with some new toys. Early to bed today. And our schedule can all get back to normal now.

I hope you had a great birthday week little dude. Love you loads. Enjoy being 3.