It’s the start of school holidays here, so the kids are all on vacation for the next two weeks (coincidentally the same two weeks of Carnival, woo hoo!)

Unfortunately Liam was just getting past the worst of the angst of going to his Thursday mornings at Kids Club, so hopefully this doesn’t cause a setback when school starts back up again in March. This past week he was a little-less teary,a little less clingy, and he even participated a little bit in class — jumping on the trampoline in Baby Gym! And he wouldn’t admit it, but I caught him singing a little french song last night, which he remembered from the music class.

So, we’re getting there.

When I picked him up on Thursday, his teacher gave me an envelope with Liam’s artwork from the term. Not too many things… but a budding start for our little Mini-Matisse.

We’re very proud of him, and hopefully next term he’ll have more fun, and produce more artwork for us to share with you.

I’m sure we’ll have some fantastic photos from Carnival soon, but at the moment we’re all battling another cold, so we’ll take it easy for a bit and get better.