So, Liam has a bogeyman.

He’s called a ‘Boo’ and it’s cropped up a couple of times at bedtime now.

“There’s a boo outside my window mumma.”
“I don’t want to see the boo.”
“The boo is making noise.”

And last night he insisted on sleeping with his curtains open for the first time, so (in his words) he can ‘see the boo coming’. I guess he found some comfort in the ambient light from the street and building behind us. Although he always falls asleep with his star lantern on, so his room is not at all dark.

I asked what a Boo looked like. Liam told me it has sharp teeth, and it’s purple and furry. I asked if a Boo was very big, and he said no, it’s very small. So there you have it… a small, purple, furry, sharp toothed boo is haunting Liam’s imagination.

So Liam slept with his green one-eyed monster and his blue monster, because I really don’t think a tiny little purple Boo is going to bother a little boy protected by monsters. I wouldn’t!