It should be a pretty great month, what with Liam’s birthday so closely followed by the Carnival season… but this year we’ve just all been fighting colds for what feels like ages, and aren’t having the funsies we should be!

Liam has had a really nasty cough this week, and it took such a toll on him that yesterday he slept in right through until 12:30!! But his cough is much better, and we’ll still have a bit more quiet time and hopefully all be well on the mend soon. There is still another full week of parades, so we haven’t missed everything!

As you know, we had a photographer come out and take family photos when we were all in Canada this past Christmas. We ordered a few prints specifically for the iPad/iPhones, but managed to get some pretty good screen captures to share with you all. Grandma and Grandpa’s prints that they ordered should be received in the next week or so.

We were really happy with the final shots, and hope that Uncle Keith, Grandma and Grandpa were happy with them also. (apologies that the captions function isn’t working properly and I can’t label most of the photos!!)

Okay, off to enjoy a hopefully lazy and relaxing, drizzly, grey Sunday! There’s snow in the mountains behind us, which is always news in this part of the world!