We haven’t posted anything in the last couple of weeks, because there really hasn’t been all that much to post! It’s been raining a lot, which is okay because you have to keep in mind that once summer hits, we won’t have rain for three or four months!! So it feels like spring is around the corner!

The rain has impacted Liam’s outings though, and we’ve spent a lot of time inside. But seeing as we’re all still recovering from those horrible colds from February, taking it slow for a while isn’t such a bad thing.

We managed to get Liam out for a couple of parades before Carnival was through (the nighttime parade of lights, and the ‘big head’ parade the next day, which is pretty much identical). Liam thoroughly enjoyed the confetti and silly string, and I think next year we’ll actually get the seats in the stands instead of standing alongside the parade route, because Liam is pretty heavy to be carrying on your shoulders for two hours!!

I was hoping to get Liam out for one more parade mid-week, but the rain & winds came back, and the rest of carnival was called off. Parades were cancelled, and the finale (setting the ‘king of carnival’ float on fire and sending it off to sea, followed by fireworks) was postponed until Thursday night. Which was okay, because we could let Liam stay up extra late for the fireworks display, which made him a very happy little boy!!

Liam went back to Kids Club this week after the 2 weeks of school holidays, and, in fact, had a pretty good time. Still some tears when I dropped him off, but the teachers were all praising how great he was this week — he played in baby gym, coloured a hedgehog, and I told them that he was trying to sing a french song during school holidays, so they wrote the words out for me so I could learn them too!! Cross fingers, but I think we’re all through the worst of getting him used to Kids Club!! Hooray!!! (I did bribe him with promises of pink milk, a new car, and I told him if he was very good I’d bring him with me to Monaco in the afternoon, as I had a couple of apartment viewings for my client).

Speaking of my client (Mr John Cleese), he very kindly gifted me a velvet dressing robe that he’d had made for him decades ago. He asked if Liam would like it, and I laughed and told him that Liam is only three (and this big) and John is 6’4″. At his tallest, Liam will never be that tall!

But I happily accepted the robe, and it may soon find itself being sent out to NZ to see if Liam’s very talented Granny Sue will be able to make a lovely bedspread out of it for him. — it certainly is big enough!!!

This weekend has been a bit of a quiet one. It started off wet and rainy yesterday, so we basically stayed inside and chilled out all day yesterday (even after the sky cleared in the afternoon). Mum was tired.

Today was a bit better… we took Liam for lunch down to the beach this afternoon, to give him a chance to practice on his new bike. He did much better than last time, and managed to propel himself most of the way on his own steam, even though he still hasn’t figured out how to pedal all the way around!! Baby steps!!! He was proud of himself, and we enjoyed a nice lunch of moules & frites (mussels and french fries) and pizza before heading home.

Bridget is back from the US, and Adam has prepared a feast in her honour tonight: BBQ leg of lamb, his awesome grilled ratatouille, and there are a half dozen creme brulee desserts sitting in the fridge.

I think we’ll all be weighing a bit more tomorrow! Welcome back to France Bridget!!