Sorry we’ve not posted anything new in a while… it’s been overly-busy for the past month, and we haven’t been up to anything particularly noteworthy. Still sick, in fact both Liam and I (mum) came down with yet another fever/cold on Easter morning, which completely ruined our easter plans for an egg hunt at a friends place up in the countryside. Not to worry, the bunny made a visit to our place, and Liam perked up a bit for a half hour while he was hunting eggs in the living room and bedroom.

I’ve been burning the work-candle at both ends for the past month, which has been exhausting. But I’ve now finished up the John Cleese Monaco removal at record speed (and with great success) and as an extra thank you for a job well done, Mr Cleese has gifted us with his awesome Loewe High Definition LED 3D television (we’ll need to get glasses soon to check that function out!) So it’s been a rewarding project on a number of levels!

The weather has been wet, far more so than usual, but spring is here, and the sunny days are spectacular. As soon as we kick this bug, we’ll be out and about, and hopefully finally meeting up with our friends for some good weekend fun again! They’ve all been as out of touch as we have — it seems everyone’s been sick for the last 2 months.

So, enjoy the pics, and we’ll try to have some more post-worthy weekends soon.