I hear the weather was pretty awful in Canada this weekend. Really sorry to hear that. No, not really. :-p

After what seems like (and probably has been) months of rain, the spring has arrived in the cote d’azur. New leaves are growing on all the trees, our little olive trees have hundres of tiny new buds, and the terrace smells of jasmine.

The sun was shining this weekend, and we took full use of the grand weather to get Liam out for some good times.

Yesterday was still very windy, but we still headed down to the promenade for a bit of a spin on his balance bike, followed by a hot chocolate at the beach, and then ice cream in the old town. By the time we were done, Liam was asking to go home for a ‘relax’.

Today we headed a couple of towns over to meet up with Lynsey, Eric and Joshua for the ‘Dimanche Malin’ in Cagnes-sur-Mer. This is when the town closes off the seaside road and puts up loads of fun and entertainment for families to enjoy. We arrived fairly late (almost noon) and had to park pretty far from the town, and by the time we found Joshua, it was almost time for lunch. But still, Liam had a great time with his little buddy, got to ride his scooter on the road (with daddy running along behind him), and has expressed an interested in driving the quad cars and taking a pony ride. The next ‘Dimanche Malin’ is mid-May, so we’ll just have to make sure we arrive earlier that day so Liam can take advantage of the free activities before we stop for lunch.

Our social calendar is filling up pretty quick, and no doubt we’ll have a lot more fun entries over the coming weeks as the weather just keeps getting better and better.

Now we’re all off to bed (slathered in a bit of aloe vera for our first sunburns of the season).