Not a bad week, and today was a great end to it! The weather has been lovely all week, some days we were able to wear shorts and a tshirt out on the terrace, and we ate dinner outside twice already! Hooray!!

We had a full weekend all planned: Saturday we were off to the Top Marques Supercar show in Monaco, and then on Sunday we had plans to join a group of friends for a big group picnic up at the Chateau overlooking Nice.

But, you know, sometimes your plans need to be adjusted when you’ve got a kid! When we were almost all the way to Monaco on Saturday morning, Liam had an epic spew in the back seat of the car, and literally vomited up an entire belly full of banana pancakes. No way was this salvageable, and we immediately turned around and drove home — and carried Liam straight up to the bath. Several loads of laundry and two baths later we are rid of the stink 🙂

And so we had to forego today’s picnic in order to make a second attempt at getting out to the super car show… only this time we had a much lighter breakfast first!!!!

Liam LOVED the car show. Once he got comfortable with the idea that he could go where he wanted, and touch whatever he wanted, he went with it! “Look mumma, a Ferrari!” “Look a Pagani!” “Look mumma, a Maserati! Another Maserati!!! An Audi racing car!”…. I could go on. He certainly did! We’ve got a great video of him exploring the Pagani, and then noticing all the other surrounding supercars. Will try to post it sometime soon!!

When all was said and done, Liam was most impressed with the McLaren’s and the Maserati’s. Mumma just loved the white Weismann (as I do every year), and daddy was pretty much happy with any of them!!

After a few circuits of the car show, we headed down to the beach (just in time as a rain shower was passing) and enjoyed some drinks and a couple of plates of frites (french fries). A bit of wander in the Japanese Gardens and some Rolls Royce and McLaren window-shopping, and we were ready to head home.

A great day. A great weekend. Looking forward to more fabulous outings now that spring has arrived.