The weather is great, and we’ve got the terrace doors open all day long now. Liam’s been spending a whole lot of time outside on the terrace, and is happy to be wearing shorts during the day again.

He’s had a great couple of weeks. Last Saturday the weather was a bit dodgy, grey and drizzly, but that didn’t dampen the enthusiasm for his little buddy Guilliana’s ‘Princess Birthday Party’ out in the countryside. Between showers Liam managed a runabout in the garden, and some pretty great bouncing on the trampolines, followed by lots of cake!! Liam happily wore his King’s crown and sword, and ran around protecting everyone from the dragons before ditching the costume in favour of chasing balloons (and eating food).

On Sunday, instead of our usual ‘Mumma, Daddy, Liam’ days, it was only Mumma and Liam, as an old friend from Australia is in town doing some house hunting, and we had a nice relaxed ‘catching up’ lunch. Sharon (mum’s friend) has moved back and forth between Monaco and Sydney a few times, but we’re really happy she’ll be back again this summer (hopefully for good), and look forward to spending a lot more time with her and her two kids. Liam was quite enchanted with 12 year old Katherine, and she was a good sport playing Formula 1 racing cars all afternoon!

The workweek was pretty average, but one of the days I had to go in and take a client’s car for a spin to charge the battery, and since it had a proper back seat I was able to take Liam with me. Imagine his surprise to find out I was taking him for a drive on the Formula 1 race track in a Porsche Panamera!!!! He especially loved the tunnel and the chicane!

This weekend was another good one. Friday night was ‘girls night out’, which it’s pretty safe to say is a rarity around here, and there were NONE of Liam’s usual hysterics and clinging to my leg when I tried to leave! Hoorah!! He was happily playing lego with daddy, and cheerfully waved goodbye when I walked out the door! A few hours later (and a few glasses of wine) and I was back home, and he woke just before midnight, happy to see me home: “Mumma! You came home as quick as you could for me!” It was a good night, and I reconnected with some old friends, and made some new ones! This Riviera Mums group is great!!!

I had an amazing roasted eggplant and goat cheese dish on my girls night out, which Adam is trying to replicate as I write this! Mmmmmmm. Possibly the best thing I ever ate!

Yesterday (Saturday) was a bit unstructured during the day, as we had a big night out planned. We headed out to the garden shop to pick up some new flowering plants for the season (as the bougainvillea from last year did not survive the infestation I was fighting all summer). And then had a bit of a chilled out afternoon at home on the terrace before heading over to Bridget’s house for her ‘Cinco de Mayo’ mexican party (ironically a celebration of the Mexican defeat of French forces — but that didn’t stop the french at the party from enjoying themselves, the margarita’s or the mexican food!).

We don’t often go out, and we’re pretty much always the only people who show up with our child, but Liam is very comfortable in the company of adults, and was happy, chatty and charming, as usual. He spent most of the evening telling whomever would listen what kinds of cars he likes, and finding out what kind of cars they drove (and whether they could drive a forklift).

Bridget was lovely and had made a small pinata for Liam (cute as a button, but indestructible!!) and after smashing it many, many times with a stick, Liam shared the candy with all the other guests, handing it out and wishing everyone a ‘happy cinco de mayo’. It was a late night. And a great night.

Today has cooled a bit, so instead of taking Liam to the beach we took him to Parc Phoenix, since we could always duck into the terrarium if it started to rain. But it didn’t, and we spent the whole afternoon running around the grass (Liam was trying to do cartwheels like mumma), playing in the playpark, visiting the animals and watching the ducks and giant carp.

I’m not kidding when I say that time will start to fly, and our weekends are already getting really booked up pretty much until the end of June. We’ve got quite a few people who will be in our neck of the woods for a visit before we manage to sneak off for our summer holiday! We’re looking forward to seeing Lina, Fed and Baby Kaj in a couple of weeks as they pass Nice — we haven’t seen them since just after Kaj was born last spring, and they moved to Perth, Australia. After that one of my good friends from Toronto will be visiting Nice with her family for a week… then Nicole will come down from London for a long weekend, and then, finally, we’re looking forward to a visit from ‘Pop Jeffrey’ (Liam’s grandpa from New Zealand) when he pops down from visiting family in the UK. I think after all that, a week away will do us some good!!! 🙂

Sometime between all the friends and family passing through we’ll try to celebrate mumma’s birthday, French Mothers day, and Fathers Day. And Grand Prix. Ooh la la… that’s a lot going on!!!