Firstly, happy mums day to Granny Sue in NZ, and Grandma Woolley in Canada. It’s not mum’s day in France for another couple of weeks (not that its a holiday we pay much attention to anyway).

It’s lovely, sunny and hot… and I’m avoiding getting too burnt (which is why I’ve got the time to update Liam’s website!)

We’ve had a busy week. A friend of ours celebrated her boy’s 2nd birthday in the park on Wednesday (which was a bank holiday in France) so we played hooky for the afternoon and met up with them. Thursday was another bank holiday, and although I had a bit of work to do for a client, we managed to grab a nice family lunch in at the beach in Monaco just before I drove my client’s car to the airport. We ran in to Shellee, James and Liam’s buddies Taylor and Emmerson while we were at the beach, and hope to be able to see them again soon… the kids get along so well together!

Our friend Bridget is heading back to the US for a few months, so we spent Saturday with her, visiting some of the smaller villages in the south of France which you can’t really get to without a car, just to treat her to something different. We always love getting out the villages anyway, so it was a perfect day for all of us! We visited Mougins, which we hadn’t actually been to before, and it was absolutely lovely with it’s meandering little pedestrian roads. After a bit of a wander we stopped for milkshakes/smoothies in a cafe on the main square, and then Liam found a little flow of water which he proceeed to splash about in, not minding his wet little shoes.

After Mougins we popped over to Valbonne, which is much more gridlike in it’s layout, but still charming with a big open square in the middle… a lovely place to stop for lunch.

After Valbonne we took a stop into Biot (to replace another broken wine glass) and watch the artisans blowing more glass vases. Liam was very interested in the process this time around.

I’m a tiny bit crispy in the shoulders after yesterdays outing, so today we took Liam up for a bit of a cooler walk around the mountain walking path, but he complained that he was too tired (he didn’t get to bed until after 11 last night, so it’s hardly a surprise) so instead we turned around after a half hour, and went down the mountain to have ice cream at the seaside.

It was lovely up on the mountaintop. The air was clear and fragrant and cool. Butterflies were abundant, as were the fluffy dandelions. It’s nice to have that option when the beaches and coast are so hot.

Liam is heading in to Monaco with me tomorrow as I have a kid-friendly client meeting, and then who knows what we’ll get up to. But no doubt he’ll be happy to be viewing non-stop sports cars. That’s really all he needs to keep him happy!

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