It’s been a pretty great week!!

Despite having a bit of organising to do for clients in town for the Cannes Film Festival, mum has managed to take what resembles a four-day weekend — and it’s been the perfect time for it.

And it all started with a birthday. Happy 45th to mumma.

After getting the work out of the way in the morning, mumma happily chilled out on the terrace with a book and an iced coffee, enjoying some down time for a change. Later that evening daddy made a delicious dinner of BBQ leg of lamb, we had a bottle of champagne and we all enjoyed the birthday cake for dessert!  It was a quiet birthday, but lovely.  Daddy went shopping with mumma to choose a nice birthday sun-dress, and Liam went to the toy shop to choose a Hot Wheels car, just for mumma (paid for from his own little pocket money).

Friday was a day where not much work could be done anyway, as Monaco closes up for the entire Grand Prix weekend, as businesses simply can’t operate with that noise level.  So we decided to really make it into an extended weekend and we took Liam in to Monaco to see the GP2 car race (it was free admission, and although loud, no nearly as ear-splitting as the Formula 1 race).  Bought him a little headset, which he’s been wearing constantly since then — in fact he’s wearing them as I write this…)

Saturday our friends Lina, Fed and baby Kaj were passing through Nice on a trip to visit friends and family in Europe. They all moved to Australia this time last year, and this was a great occasion to catch up with a few of our other friends at the same time.  We all met at a little Italian restaurant, and it was kids, kids, kids!  Liam was the oldest. Kaj was the second oldest, although he’s just a little over 1… Kristy and Alessandro were there with Baby Leo, who’s only 6 months now, and another couple were there with their little 6 month baby.  And Sarah waddled on over too — baby Charlie is due in 6 weeks time, so soon their will be another baby in the mix!

Sunday was mothers day. Unfortunately Liam woke up at 6:30 in the morning and came into our bed, and fell asleep again. Until 11:45. So he got a good night’s sleep. Daddy got a good night’s sleep. Not so much for mummy. Daddy made a fry up fit for a king for a special mothers day breakfast, and then it was pretty much a chilled out day on the terrace, and Liam playing racing cars all day long.

We’re now kicking off three weeks of non-stop visitors in Nice, so not a whole lot of down time in the foreseeable future. It’s good we were able to take advantage of a bit of a long weekend now. 🙂