Cuz I’m soooo tired.

Liam is a bit sick, had a fever all day, and is taking an ‘evening nap’ which is undoubtedly going to throw everything out of whack tonight. Oh well….

Nicole is in town for 4 days, to help throw today’s baby shower for our friend Sarah, who is expecting Baby Charlie to arrive  in the next 5 weeks. Nicole is staying with us, and Liam is waking in the middle of the night with bad dreams, and everything is just exhausting at the moment.

Sadly, Sarah has not had the time, interest or energy for as much as a cup of coffee during her pregnancy even though she’s not working, but she’s all gung-ho to have me host her baby shower, and suddenly has energy to spare to make it up our little road for the event! So the whole event definitely has a ‘being used for a party’ vibe all over it, which wasn’t lost on a few of us! We’re betting this is the last we see of ‘Auntie Sarah’ and her baby unless she wants something else from us! Ah well. Hope I’m wrong, but time will tell!!

Nicole made the most beautiful cupcakes for the party, and I made homemade pissaladiere and a baked brie cheese pastry… some sandwiches and fruit skewers, and it was a real feast.  A big storm rolled in right at the end of the party (we saw a tornado out at sea!)… but I think Sarah had a great time being fussed over, and we wish her and her baby well.

Sorry for the brief post, but the workweek will be mad busy, Nicole is still here until Tuesday, we’ve plans on Wednesday evening, and Pop Jeffrey arrives on Saturday.  No rest!!!!  We are starting to burn out…

Let’s just cross fingers that whatever Liam has come down with doesn’t get spread to mum and dad because we just don’t have time for that right now!! Counting down the days till vacation!