Well that wraps up the end of Pop Jeffrey’s visit, and the end to our month-long entertaining of visitors.  What a fabulous (and exhausting) month it’s been!

Pop Jeffrey had to fill some time on his own this week while we managed some work projects, but we’ve still done our best to show him a good time with whatever free time we could make!

He joined mum and Liam for our Monday morning wander down by the sea while daddy did his work. We went for juice down at Beau Rivage beach restaurant, where we got married nearly 5 years ago.  Liam was not the easiest that day — really quite over-tired from our big weekend out — so he really, truly needed an afternoon nap.  And he will NEVER admit to needing a nap, so you know he must have really needed it when he requested it himself. But Adam and Pop Jeffrey took advantage of Liam resting up to get away, just the two of them, for a little afternoon tour of Cannes.

On Tuesday Pop Jeffrey joined us in the afternoon for a fabulous jaunt to St. Paul de Vence, which I think ultimately was his favorite village from what we showed him this trip. St Paul de Vence is one of the oldest Medieval villages in the area, it’s beautifully restored, and famous for it’s modern and contemporary art galleries and museums. And fine dining. And a large, beautiful shaded square, overlooking the petanque field. I could go on… it really is a charming place for a wander and a drink, nestled in the mountains a few kilometers from the sea.

Wednesday was our last day together. Pop Jeffrey did his own thing in the morning, and we met up again in the afternoon for a little trip out to Villefranche sur Mer, the next town over from Nice.  This is mummas favourite village!!  We walked along the harbour over to the beach, and then found a nice restaurant overlooking the sea for our final farewell dinner.

Pop Jeffrey leaves for the airport in the morning, while mum and Liam head off to Kids Club (it’s Liam’s ‘premiere’ tomorrow morning, which is kind of like an year-end open house where they allow us parents in to watch the kids do their thing for an hour in the morning — sadly, daddy has to miss it because he’ll be taking Pop Jeffrey to the airport, but I’ll take video!!)

Liam has had a grand time making some memories with Pop Jeffrey, and we hope he returns to New Zealand having made a lasting connection with his only grandson (and of course with Scarlett and Isobel up in the UK!!)


Granny Sue sent a package in the post last month, containing a proper scottish uniform that had been handed down through the generations originating from Liam’s great-great-great-great-great grandfather.  And the timing couldn’t have been better, as this won’t fit Liam come end of summertime!! it was a pretty snug fit as it was (and temperatures are soaring at the moment and he couldn’t bear to be in it for more than 5 minutes!!)

But thank you Granny Sue. We value it, will care for it, and pass it on to (hopefully) the future generations….  we hope you find joy in the photos. We’re mighty proud of our adorable little scotsman.  And yes, he did wear underpants!!