Rather a relaxed start to our holiday! Our ferry didn’t leave until 13:45, so we had plenty of time in the morning to get ready, finish packing our bags, and pack up the car. And the car was very packed, as we also brought two cooler bags full of food from our refrigerator and frozen bottles of water! After all, why not? (kind of a theme… should we bring the ‘whatever’? Why not!?) When you travel by car, you can fit in all kinds of stuff!!!

Although having said that, for a tiny little Renault Clio, it was pretty packed to the gills!!

So we headed on down to the ferry docks (a whopping 5 minute drive away) for just after midday, and queued up with all the other cars.

The ferry was just arriving when we got there, so Liam was able to watch it pull in, tie up, and unload all of the cars and passengers before we could embark.

Although mostly he was just impatient to get in the car and drive onto the boat, because we promised him he could open his latest ‘new car’ once he was on the boat. He was rather obsessed with it and had been holding the box for the two previous days asking when he could open it!!!

The crossing was absolutely fine. We put Liam in his new little wristbands (in case of motion sickness, now that he’s developed occasional car sickness) but he was fine. We had booked ourselves a small cabin for the crossing so we could (hopefully) have a nap, or at least a quiet place to hang out for the afternoon. Well… daddy managed a nap, but Liam wasn’t having it! So we played some games in the cabin, chatted, went to the restaurant for coffee & a snack, found a kids room for Liam to play with some other kids for a bit, and just kind of hung around for a while.

Liam had a great time, although he wouldn’t go out on deck as it was quite windy, and Liam DOES NOT LIKE WIND. That being said, I did bring him out as we neared Corsica so he could see it from the sea. We only stayed out for less than a minute, but it was enough!

We disembarked in Ile Rousse, which is a resort town about a half hour north of where we would be staying for the week. The drive down the coast was spectacular, and we were impressed by how new all of the development was, and the road was fantastic. Not the ‘run down’ little island of Corsica we were expecting!

We arrived at our Gite just before nightfall, and our host, Jacques, showed us to our apartment.

The gite is fantastic!!! Very remote (about 15 minutes drive into Calvi), in the middle of a small eucalyptus forest about 4km from the coast. Surrounded by mountains. Ours is the largest of 4 holiday apartments that all surround a lovely grassy area (which Liam loves to play football in). There is a pool, but it’s been so windy since we arrived that Liam’s only venture into the pool ended up with blue lips!!) But we’ve still got a lot of days to go!!!!

So far, despite a very large spider making his way into Liam’s bedroom, we are very happy with our choice, and look forward to exploring this area further.