It’s incredibly windy today, so we won’t be having a beach day quite yet!

We first had to do a supermarket shop, to stock up for dinners over the next few nights. The plan is to eat out for lunches, and at home for dinners. That should serve the ‘foodies’ in us well, and work with Liam getting tired in the evenings — because you just KNOW he won’t be taking any naps this week!

Afterwards we headed into Calvi for a bit of an explore.

A bit of info: Calvi is the rumoured birthplace of Christopher Columbus, when it was part of the Genoese Empire. It’s the fifth largest town in Corsica, but the largest tourist center. The Citadel is an imposing walled fortress overlooking the marina and the sweeping bay of Calvi, which apparently boasts one of the best beaches on Corsica — we’ve yet to verify that! 🙂

It was still ridiculously windy, and Liam was not a particularly happy chappy because of it. He was convinced the wind was making him cold even though it was actually lovely and warm.

So we had a bit of a wander up into the citadel (but we did give that up near the top as the wind was so strong that Liam wouldn’t walk anymore and mumma was struggling to carry him and keep her dress from flying up over her head in the wind!)

We wandered back into the narrow, protected streets of the old town, and chose a casual and lovely little restaurant for lunch, called ‘Le Brunch’. We chose it because it was showing the 24 hours of Lemans race on tv in the bar (and Deb’s client was racing) — and as it turns out it’s the 7th best restaurant in the Calvi area (as ranked by Tripadvisor reviews) and we weren’t disappointed!! Daddy ate a fabulous corsican salad, generously topped with cured ham, goats cheese, walnuts and figs… and mumma had a Figatelli (corsican sausage) open faced sandwich on mozzarella. We also had a Corsican tapas plate to share, so Liam could sample whatever he wanted. Great first Corsican meal!!!!

We headed back to the gite for a bit of a relax later in the afternoon. Liam really wanted to take a dip in the pool, and so we did (despite the wind). It was a spectacularly fun 15 minutes until his lips turned blue and I bundled him back into the house to warm up. It may take a couple of days for the pool to warm up now that the wind has died down!