Is it possible that the wind is even stronger today!??? Yup, and it’s decidedly cooler too (high of only 22 degrees). So again, no beach for us today!

But it’s a good day for a road trip! We’ve headed up into the mountains to explore the ‘Strada di l’Artigliana’, which is basically scenic routes through small mountain villages, with highlights of locally produced aritisanal products. To say these villlages are sleepy is an understatement!! But the views were astounding!!

At one point, near one of the high passes, we saw so many hawks just riding the air currents. I’ve never seen so many in one place!! Dozens of enormous hawks, called ‘Milan Royal’ with a distinctive forked tail, apparently in abundance in this part of Corsica.
Liam swears he saw two penguins, playing together. And a wolf, wagging his tail. Liam, if you are reading this when you are older, I can assure you that you did not see penguins or a wolf… but your certainty was charming 🙂

We stopped off at Sant Antonio, the prettiest and largest of the villages we passed through (we obviously weren’t the only ones who thought so, as this was the only village with a paid parking lot).

Sant Antonio is perched on the top of a rocky outcrop, clearly visible from all around. It is classed as one of the ‘most beautiful villages in France’ (there are over 150 of these villages in all of France). The cobbled streets wind up past several vista spots, with sweeping views towards Calvi, towards Ile Rousse, and of the mountains in behind. Liam was a trooper and walked all the stairs himself!

We found an extraordinary restaurant perched high on the cliff, with phenomenal views, and decided to lunch there. We had a sampling of two fabulous local salads, and a side of asian ravioli’s for Liam. We were very pleased that Liam tried a whole bunch of different foods: cantaloupe melon, tuna salad, mussels stuffed with goats cheese…. and although he was not happy with the wind, he had a pretty good time just hanging out with mumma and daddy.

It was only afterwards that we found out that this restaurant (i Scalini) was ranked the number 5 restaurant in the Calvi area!! We’re good at picking great places to eat!!

We headed back down the mountain for a bit of an explore of Ile Rousse, the town we had arrived in on Sunday evening. A fairly typical resort town. Nice sandy beach, turquoise waters, although a bit windswept that day.

We enjoyed a nice ice cream (Liam chose salted caramel, which was amazing — he chose wisely!!) and then headed back to our gite for a late afternoon relax before dinner and bed.

A great, relaxed day out, but we are REALLY HOPING THAT THE WINDS CALM DOWN!!!!!