A whole lot of Nothing.

We’ve learned an important lesson today: Mumma is no good at relaxing and doing nothing, and spent most of the afternoon pacing around the house and garden feeling like we should be doing SOMETHING.

Daddy and Liam, however, were quite content to chill out, read, play cars, and whittle away the afternoon doing a whole lot of nothing.

I can’t really tell you how we spent the day, other than to say that at some point we ate a fabulous lunch of local cheeses and saucisson and watermelon on the terrace, and then we went to the pool (which wasn’t as much fun as one would hope, as the water is still a bit chilly, and Liam was quite scared of the local wasps that were hanging about the waters edge — what a funny sight to see mummy and daddy trying to get them with the fly swatter — every time we got one, two would come and take it’s place!)

Fortunately for mumma, we headed out later in the afternoon to explore the local Calvi beaches, and find a nice place to eat dinner.

The beach was definitely a high point!! Liam started of rather tentatively, and within minutes was full on galloping down the beach, splashing and jumping and digging with abandon. Our caution to try to stay dry before dinner went unheeded and he was head-to-toe soaked before long (but we had a change of clothes back in the car — we’re not stupid!!)

I think if we did nothing other than beach days, Liam would be the happiest boy in the world!

Dinner was rather disappointing… the beach restaurants didn’t reopen the kitchens until after 8pm, so we headed into Calvi to find something else. We passed an adorable restaurant with an indoor courtyard sheltered by an enormous magnolia tree, and the menu looked pretty good! However, ultimately the food was rather ‘blah’, not bad… just not at all impressive. Imagine our surprise to read that this is the number 3 ranked restaurant in the Calvi area!! (tripadvisor). Well, we’ll just have to agree to disagree on that ranking!!