Now that the wind has calmed down, and Liam has discovered his love of the beach… it was time for a proper beach day!!!

We headed back down to Calvi beach and set ourselves up on the sand for a couple of hours of play… and then wandered over to “Octopussy” beach restaurant for a late lunch. And a couple of glasses of wine, cuz we’re on holiday!

Liam had a fabulous time, we ate too much good food, and it was an absolutely fabulous afternoon!

Afterwards we took a quick jaunt into Calvi again as we promised Liam an ice cream… and happened upon a little bakery that sold ‘Pain Maquis’ which is fresh bread baked with a local blend of Maquis herbs. “Maquis” is the corsican scrubland and the herbs that grow under the brush, and the Maquis blend of herbs generally also contains: Rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil, mint… it varies a bit, and smells divine. The bread was probably the best I’ve ever eaten (says mum) and I’m rather desperate for another loaf before we leave!!!

I wonder if we could duplicate it with ‘herbs de provence’!? I may have to learn to make bread!!!

Anyway, it was a great day, the pics speak for themselves… starting to realize we’re running out of days!