Not a lot this week.

Work is very busy, and we’re scrambling to try and catch up. Liam has had extra babysitting this week… and he’ll have even more next week (but he doesn’t know that yet).

Liam had his last day at Kids Club this past week… he’s all done now until school starts in September. I’m still not sure I’m ready for that, and I’m already anxious about it!

Liam took a big tumble on the terrace yesterday while monkey about, and split his lip. But he’s pretty good about it today… and it’s well on the mend.

It’s super hot (finally) and we’ve pulled out the paddling pool and summer shower. Liam has already had a couple of afternoons of splashing about. And we took him to the beach today, because going to the beach isn’t just for holidays!! He was pretty happy!

We took him to a beach that we hadn’t been to yet, just the other side of Antibes (about a 40 minute drive away). Nice sandy beach (the local beaches in Nice have ‘galettes’ which are mid-sized smooth stones, instead of sand)… the beach was super shallow and we could walk out quite far, pushing Liam around in his new little boat. It was a good day… sandy beach, hot dog and chips for lunch, and ice cream afterwards. All Sundays should be like that!!

Really big week ahead, and no doubt it will fly right by, and it will be weekend again! I hope so!!!!