It’s been a whopper of a couple of weeks since we’ve been back from our holiday, and Liam has barely seen mum Monday through Fridays. So we’re making sure the weekends are great!!

Last Saturday Liam decided he wanted to ride his bike, so we took him out to St Laurent du Var. But it wasn’t as relaxed as it could be, as clients were calling all day long, and the day was disrupted (not that Liam knew).

The next day was Bastille Day… the french version of ‘Independence Day’ and a big deal, but we decided to just lay low, and ended up not even leaving the house. Don’t get me wrong, Liam had a great day hanging out with mum and dad all day long, playing with his toys and his pool…. and didn’t care at all that we didn’t go out. We let him stay up late for the fireworks, and he was a happy fellow. And we got a much-needed days rest.

It’s been back-to-back playdates for Liam this week!! Great fun for him!

He came into Monaco during the week for an afternoon outing with Natalia…

Yesterday we went to our friend Bob and Katherine’s house in Cannes, and Liam and Giuliana had a great time playing in the pool…

And today we met up with Eric, Lynsey and little Joshua at the beach in Beaulieu.

Liam is loving the playdates, and is rightfully exhausted.

So I’m off to give him a quick bath, and then off to bed. Another big week ahead of us, and daddy’s birthday too!!!!!

So enjoy the pics… not time to write more! 🙂