We had a super weekend with 2 play dates for Liam, pool and beach, and ran into a couple of friends at the beach after Joshua and family left, Chrissie (Australian-French) and Keith (Irish) who are keen to start a family. They both cooed over Liam – if only they knew!

Today was my birthday and Deb took Liam out shopping – who promptly came home super excited and spilled the beans on the birthday presents within 2 minutes. Disappointing for Deb but actually the cutest thing ever!

I got a Hot Wheels car from Liam, a suped up Honda s2000, some shorts and an order for a Joystick so Liam and I can fly Jets and Helicopters better in my computer game he loves. I can’t wait!

Deb let Liam decide on dinner plans (Pasta!) so we went to an old haunt, La Voglia in the old town where Liam was super well behaved, eating both the black squid-ink pasta with seafood and my normal Fruit de Mer and spaghetti pasta. We came home after a rigorous play and chase home to a delicious chocolate/chocolate/chocolate/nut/caramel cake. Yum!

Liam is growing up so well! He’s put on 2 cm in the last 2 months and is showing an interest learning words/spelling and generally mucking about on the computers, that I’ve brought out his mini-blackboard and starting showing/teaching him some words/sentences/pictures beyond what he knows already, basically L-I-A-M, C-A-T and D-O-G.

Recently the wee monkey has added jet fighter planes (sparked by a video game and youtube videos) and dragons (sparked by a movie) to the list of things he looooves, so we do our best to incorporate them in all our play, including our ‘airplane’ game where we take a ‘trip’ in the big bed (the airplane) to a new country – the captain tells us the destination (Mexico!, Singapore!, Beijing, China!, Bwotoguessie! (phonetically, Liam’s made up place)) and tells us to put on seat-belts and the attendant comes around to bring us drinks and we put down our tray and we deliberate on the best movie to watch. It doesn’t sound like much but its wonderful. Good times.

We’ve a weekend getaway coming up – meeting up with my brother and his family in northern Italy for a day, which we are all looking forward to.

Happy Birthday to me!

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