Another great and exhausting summer weekend!!

We gave daddy a bit of a break (to do some work around the house) and Liam and mumma went to visit new friends Jana with baby William (9 months old). Jana’s husband, Paul, works on a mega yacht is and is abroad a lot for work, and we were happy to help keep her and Liam’s new little friend entertained. Besides… lots of wine for the mums!!

Liam had a lovely time swinging in the hammock, digging in the garden, and playing music on Jana’s guitar! He even found a bracelet buried in the garden — we don’t know who it belonged to, but he felt like he found buried treasure!! And Jana now has a new bracelet! 🙂

Meanwhile, back at the house, daddy was ripping up the grouting around the edge of the terrace and around the bathtub, as we had bad leaking last winter and we’re trying to nip it in the bud while the weather was fine. Fast forward to this morning when there was a massive flash storm and flooding in Nice (and our terrace was totally unsealed, no yet re-siliconed). Whoops!! Timing couldn’t have been worse. May take a couple of days to dry out again!

Sunday morning started quite relaxing. Liam and Daddy having a lie in, and mumma enjoying a couple of chapters of a book with an early coffee on the terrace. Until a huge plume of black smoke filled the air… and the sounds of the sirens stopped at the bottom of our street. Fortunately it was just a city bus on fire, and not a residential building… and we found out later that the driver and passengers got out safely, no injuries. But what a dramatic start to the morning, and I walked down our street and watched the firefighters in action. Traffic was closed for HOURS. Liam missed the action, but he did see the charred remains of the bus as we headed out to meet friends in Cannes…

…. for Liam’s first Cinema show! Monsters University (Pixar) was playing in english, so we, along with Katherine & Bob (and Guilianna), and Rita & Carlos (and Bea) all took our minis to lunch and then the show.

Liam did NOT want to go… and spent a lot of time whining about how dark and loud it was, cuddled on mumma’s lap… but when the movie was done, he kicked up his heels and danced with the girls to the music playing over the end credits and declared that he had a good time! If that wasn’t sweet enough, there was another little girl who was there with her mother, and she obviously wanted to dance with our kids, but was shy. So Liam went over and took her by the hand and pulled her gently into our little group, and she danced with the rest of them until the music stopped. He is so gallant!! A real prince charming.

Afterwards we took the kids down to the beach for a quick drink before we all headed our own separate ways. At least we thought it would be a quick drink… but then the kids discovered the showers (for the bathers), and they disappeared for the next hour, drenching themselves and having an absolutely joyous time!! Of course we had a change of clothes for Liam (good thing), but that didn’t stop him from being absolutely filthy by the time we dragged him away home.

Traffic was a nightmare getting out of Cannes, and it was only later that evening we discovered that there was a 103 million euro jewel heist just around the corner from where we were lunching! Good thing we have our cinema stubs for a good alibi!

The weekend was exhausting, but we’re looking at only a 4-day workweek, as we’re off to join Dan, Elaine, Scarlett and Isobel in northern Italy, for the last couple of days of their family holiday. And we’ll make a nice long weekend of it for ourselves.

3 days isn’t a lot of time, but I’m pretty sure I can eat my way through a lot of the Piedmonte region regardless!! Pics to follow! Stay tuned… another epic weekend coming up.