So we’ll provide some brief updates, and will be back on track moving forward.

Firstly, Liam is not loving school. He’s resigned himself to the fact that he has to go, and complains about it nearly every morning on the way there. He’s only eating in the cantine twice a week, and eats at home twice a week. And no school on Wednesdays (for this year only) so while the days are indeed long, it could be worse. His french is improving quickly, and we often catch him singing little french songs or making up what he thinks are french words and phrases for things. It’s pretty cute.

I’m sure once he’s better with the french language, he’ll be okay with school. He’s very lucky to have his friend Martine in his class… it seems to ease his anxiety a bit.

We’ve had another bout of back luck with family health, as we recently found out that Grandma Woolley has cancer — but she is in treatment and for the moment the best we can all do is wait and see how successful it is. Treatments are planned until early next year. Liam is aware that Grandma is ill, and that the doctors have to give her chemicals that make her even more sick so that she can get better. He’s not happy about that.

Sadly we found out about the diagnosis on the day of our 5th wedding anniversary, so celebrating was out of the question. We’ll just have to wait and celebrate our 10th instead.

Nicole visited for a couple of weekends in late September / Early October for the festivities around a friend’s wedding. So we were very occupied with houseguests, and Liam was happy to have such a good friend around — and very happy to get all dappered up to go to his first wedding!

And the highlight of this first term at school… Liam’s Auntie Sarah, Uncle Ross and cousin Meg visited us on a leg of their ‘round the world’ trip for Sarah’s 40th birthday. Adam hadn’t seen his sister in around 10 years, and Liam and Meg had of course never met.

We spent 5 fantastic days showing them around the beautiful cote d’azur… and then a couple of days later we all gathered in the small town of Samoens high up in the French Alps. Us, Sarah and her family, and Uncle Dan, Auntie Elaine and Scarlett and Isobel. It was a loud, crazy, fun week. And the kids all Will write separate posts about that trip… there are so many photos to share!!!