It was a VERY busy, VERY fun, VERY loud weeks… with a whole lot of pics, so I’ll break this up into 2 posts!!

Needless to say that on the Saturday evening, when we all finally arrived at the chalet, we all experienced a whole lot of joy at having the whole ‘Ferguson’ family siblings together for the first time in 10 years, and having all of our kids together for the first time too. When you live so far from family, these things are priceless.

Samoens is a very lovely french ski village nestled in a picturesque valley in the French Alps, about halfway between Geneva (Switzerland) and Mont Blanc (the highest point in Eastern Europe, and one of the gateways to the Italian Alps). There was no shortage of options for beautiful walks or day trips… the hardest part was narrowing it down to what to do, and making sure that all the kids would be able to keep up! (A bit of a tough one for Liam, who just couldn’t make it up some of the hillier walks, but he did his best)

I can’t really recall the order of things we did, and the unfortunate loss of Mumma’s camera resulted in one full days loss of photos from the Ski resort town of Chamonix and the cable car ride up to its peak. We had gone to Chamonix hoping to summit the Aguille du Midi (on Mont Blanc) but the winds were so high at the summit and the cable car was closed for the day for safety reasons. (we did make it back another day, and it was every bit worth the wait and expense to get up there!!)

One of the high points of the whole week, for all the kids, was an ‘accrobranche’ course we found in the next town over. Accrobranche is a ropes course set amongst the trees, where you navigate a wilderness course while attached to a security cable by harness. There was an extensive 1 meter high course for the young kids, and then kids 6 and 7 or over could navigate the ones higher up in the trees! Liam was quite scared in the beginning, but very quickly got over that! He especially loved the zip lines!

I do recall that the days were spent enjoying some local walks and beauty spots. And watching the kids muck about together. And eating a lot of food! 🙂