It’s suddenly turned cold. And wet. And Autumn. Where did this come from??? I guess we can’t really complain, there’s snow in Canada… and we have had a lovely ‘Indian summer’ for the last couple of months. Still. Ugh… we’ve got the heat on every day now, and daddy installed a new automatic thermostat so I didn’t have to get up at 6am to turn the heat on to make the ‘getting ready for school’ rush bearable.

But we’re still having fun!

Liam has had lots of jaunts into the new parkland that’s opened up… it’s pretty close to our apartment (15 min walk) and it runs all the way down to the sea. It’s taken then place of the unsightly old bus station and massive concrete parking garage — and it’s taken 2 years to complete. I can’t wait until the ferris wheel is up for the Christmas market so we can get a birds eye view of the park.

Now that we’re well into fall, we’re back into ‘Fun City’ season, so off to Cannes we went today. It was bittersweet. For the first time, Liam was happy to run off with a quick peck and a ‘see you later’ while we just… watched. He no longer needed our help to navigate the big kids climbing area, and he could even drive the go-karts himself and go in the big bouncy castle (for kids 6+). Thankfully we hadn’t arranged any playdates for him today, so he still passed by looking for company from us. But we certainly weren’t needed. Little guy has grown so much since last winter…