January seems to be a bit of a snoozer, as usual. Just riding the time between Christmas holidays and Liam’s Birthday and Carnival.

The only real note-worthy thing of late is that Grandma Woolley has had her big operation, all is well and she’s resting at home now, and will resume chemo in due course. A relief for all.

We’ve had a fair amount of rain over the past few weeks, and it’s been bucketing down for the last 4 or 5 days. So adventures have been ‘light’!! Which is probably fine, as Liam seems to be quite tired lately… growing pains perhaps?

We’ve visited Liam’s ‘Auntie Sharon’ in Eze (honorary auntie, and long time friend of Deb) who just dotes on Liam. We’ll be babysitting Sharon’s cat, Coco, in a few weeks time while she’s off to Australia, and Liam is super-excited. He just loves cats!

We took Liam into Monaco last weekend to see the Rally Cars as they rolled in to Monaco for their technical checks prior to the start of the Monte Carlo Rally — where they race around the mountain roads in the south of france, through snow and rain, beginning and ending in Monaco. The way the weather has been this week, it was probably a rough race! A very kind driver let Liam take the passenger seat for a few minutes!

We also took Liam to the circus grounds to see the animals, as the circus is only here for a few weeks. He especially liked the elephants, and was SO CLOSE. The lions and tigers didn’t seem up for much fun this year… I thought about taking Liam to see the circus this year, but it’s long (nearly 4 hours) and loud — and expensive. I’m not sure Liam would enjoy it (as he doesn’t like loud) so I think we’ll wait one more year.

He’s down with a bit of a cold this weekend, but we did get out to Daisy’s 5th birthday party yesterday, and then today took Liam to Nautipolis (finally!!) a massive sports and aquatic complex about a half hour up the coast. It has a kiddie pool — very warm and only 30cm deep — which Liam had great fun playing in. And then he and I ventured into the regular pool for some playtime, and practice swimming. He especially loved climbing up onto my shoulders and jumping off! I didn’t mind, and he had a blast.

Hopefully the weather turns soon and we an get out for more fresh air!