Our biggest ‘new’ thing is that Liam has taken a real interest in learning to read, and has managed most of the three letter words, and is onto four and five letter words, and some more complicated sounds like ‘th’ and ‘sh’. He’s very enthusiastic about it, and asks to sit and read some pages of Dr Suess (with assistance), and at bathtime we’ve added to his magnetic letters and we spend the whole of bathtime spelling new words against the side of the washing machine.

Well… except for last night. The pirates were having a coup, and some playmobil men had to walk the plank into the tub… so there was no time for spelling!

Also, Liam is ‘cat obsessed’. He pretends to be Tiffany (my cat when I was a teenager) all the time, and keeps referring to himself in the third person ‘Tiffany’ (i.e. Tiffany is hungry. Tiffany likes chocolate. Tiffany needs her blanket). Fortunately his stuffed kitty will arrive before his birthday, and it may well take the place of his beloved Wabby-the-Wab (who, in turn, took the place of his beloved Hunny Bunny).

There is a whole pile of stuffed animals in our bed at bedtime… Wabby, Hunny Bunny, Flopsy, Mopsy, Lobby the Lobster, Mumma bunny… and of course our array of cuddly pillows. Sometimes blue monster joins us. No room for mummy and daddy!!

We’re getting close to Liam’s birthday weekend. As luck would have it, our muffler just fell off the car on the way home from swimming today, so that will have to be fixed before we head up to the mountains. And not far behind that weekend we’ll be heading into Carnival…. Liam has requested a knight costume this year. Or Robin Hood so he can have a bow and arrow. Actually, he wants both….. (of course he does)

It was a lovely weekend. The weather is warm(ish) and sunny. Took Liam out for a bike ride yesterday and a bit of a play at the beach… and then to Nautipolis for a swim today, followed by a late pizza lunch in Antibes. He’s happy. And hopefully tired 🙂 I know I am!

Oh, almost forgot! We’ve planning a summer holiday with Dan & Elaine (and Scarlett and Isobell) again this year — off to the Pyrenees, close to the Spain/France border. We’ve agreed on a lovely large house with big garden, and I’m sure the kids will have loads of fun together again (and we’ve found an accrobranche place close by!)