… at least that’s what he’s been calling it. It’s been a week of ongoing birthday presents (that arrive by post) and hitting the toy store with cash and gift certificates received from friends too. It’s like every day this week has been an extension of his birthday.

And yesterday was his ‘pretend birthday party’. Liam didn’t want a big party this year (fine by us!) and he only wanted to invite his very favourite friends… all of whom are girls. So Martine, Giulliana, Iris and Emma were invited to a casual lunchtime costume party — appropriate during Carnival which just started on Friday night.

We were a bit worried that we would have to cancel, as Liam came down with a low fever and very sore throat on Friday and we kept him home from school (good choice). But a full day of snoozing and relaxing on the sofa and he was on the mend. Not 100%, but a lot better.

His friends all arrived at 11 am, and they had a good time playing and running about and terrorising Coco (a lovely siamese cat who we are catsitting for the next month while Auntie Sharon is in Australia). Emma had to leave early as she still wasn’t well. And when his other friends headed off around 2pm, Liam gave each of them a potted hyacinth and pack of party biscuits to say thank you — he had said he wanted to give his friends flowers instead of the usual party bag. Such a sweetie.

In fact, he is such a sweetie that one of the girls in his class (Paloma) has a crush on him and brought him a rose in to school for St Valentine’s Day. He was the only kid in his class to get a St Valentine’s gift, and I was just bursting with pride for him. He gave her a big hug… and we’ll bring her a flower to school tomorrow morning! When I teased him later that day that he’s got a girlfriend, he just shrugged and said ‘I have three: Martine, Emma and Paloma’ So I guess he’s comfortable with his charms 😉