It’s has been an absolutely fantastic weekend. We’ve just started 2 weeks of school holidays (which makes Liam terribly happy) and our friends have come to Nice for the weekend to take in one of the parades, so we could have playdates last night, and again this morning.

We met up with Bob, Katherine & Giulianna at the kids play area down by ‘Place Massena’ — the centre of town where the ferris wheel and trampolines and bouncy castles are (until March 5, when the Christmas/Carnival season officially ends). Liam and Giulliana bounced away for about 45 exhausting minutes, and then we all moseyed over for some sushi dinner before we headed home, and they headed off to the nighttime parade of lights. No way would Liam have been able to keep it together for such a late night!! He was so exhausted as it was, he fell asleep before he could say ‘I love you mumma’.

We woke up to yet another spectacular day (16 degrees and sunny — we all have a bit of colour in our faces now), and headed down to the new parkland for a bit of a play with Giulliana again. We took a break for lunch, and then we headed off to the parade while they wandered around a bit before taking the train back home again.

Liam wore his pirate costume for the evening trampoline fun… and then for parade day he donned one of his knight costumes. One of the best things about Carnival is seeing all the kids (and some parents) walking around town in full costume. It’s kind of like a Halloween that lasts for two and a half weeks, but it’s more festive and there aren’t any ‘scary’ costumes.

The parade was great – although Liam was getting pretty tired and we left before it was over. He ended up going through 7 cans of silly string (much to the chagrin of the people sitting around us) and a big bag of confetti. He would have gone through more if we’d bought it!! Carnival goes on for another week and a half, but I think we’re done for the season. I bet you he loves it even more next year though!!