Liam made me a card today and this is the picture of me! I have a crown and 2 lovehearts.
It’s school holidays so Dad and Liam had a day at home, fitting in whatever work I could between the demands of a wee bored boy.

Liam is super into Dragons and wizards and knights at the moment so a lot of the day was playing dragon and knight – good dragon, bad dragon, good knight, bad knight, fighting each other, fighting bad guys …the works. We also played with his tennis racket hitting against a wall, and practiced throwing, made an apple pie (because when he was a wizard he made an applepie with magic and I suggested we make one for real), went to the supermarket to get ingredients for said pie, watched a movie (bits of Harry Potter and Knights Tale) and generally goofed about including doing the card for me.

Later in the afternoon we also took a stormy drive to Monaco to drop off Mum’s scooter rain gear as she hadn’t brought it with her and the coast had been hit with a downpour. Liam was treated to a Pain au Chocolat and 30 mins of Skyrim videogame when he got home (its an open-world swords, sorcery and dragon game) where we play a magic character he’s created called ‘Kitty’ which one of his favourite things to do, until something else takes its place.

Here is a selection of older recent photos taken with my iphone.