This is what he said on Friday night, as I tucked him into bed. I don’t know how it got into his head, but when he’s finally brave enough to try something new, we want to make it happen.

And so we did.

We hopped in the car and headed a half hour down the coast to EcoParc today (the environmentally friendly play park we go to sometimes), as we’d heard there was a ‘promenade a poney’ for little kids across the road at the Mougins Horse Club. Liam had no idea what we were up to, and was a bit cross when we left the playpark to go across the road. But he quickly became thrilled when we arrived at the pony walk. We kitted him up quickly with his riding helmet, and off he went on the back of ‘Belle’ (which means beautiful… which she wasn’t). But she was slow and gentle and a perfect first ride for Liam.

I have a feeling that he’ll be asking to go back again soon!! He’s already talking about how he could try riding a bigger horse when he’s a bigger kid!! Just like mama. 🙂