Firstly, we’d like to wish Uncle Keith a very happy birthday today. And apparently we would be remiss to not wish a happy birthday to Lady Sarah too (Grandma and Grandpa Woolley’s dog).

Secondly, it was an even better ‘birthday weekend’ for the Woolley’s as Grandma Woolley’s doctors allowed her a weekend pass to return home. We managed a group Skype with the whole family, and no doubt Grandma Woolley was happy to be well enough to enjoy some time (and food) at home — she’s been in the hospital for such a long time. We’re all hopeful that if her recovery continues to go well, she’ll be released for good by the time the month is through. Her spirits seemed pretty good.

The weather here has been absolutely fabulous recently. 18 degrees, sunny and gloriously spring like! After such a wet winter, it’s a welcome change to have an early spring! The buds are budding, and we’ll have to start work on the garden soon to get it ready for the season!

The highlight of our weekend was our outing today to ‘Bois des Lutins’ (Forest of the Gnomes) about a half hour up the coast. We’ve been waiting for Liam to get big and adventurous to give it a try. We met up with Bob, Katherine and Guilliana for the afternoon, and we all had a blast playing around the adventure wonderland in the middle of the forest. I can see that we’ll be back here A LOT over the upcoming months and years.